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  • Invest in growth
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  • Fast, frictionless financing
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Sign up in minutes and securely connect your billing, banking, and accounting data. Pipe's proprietary algorithm reviews your data to determine how much up-front capital you can pull forward.


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How companies are growing with Pipe. See what founders are saying

Customer Stories

Sho Sugihara

Co-Founder & CEO

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Watch Sho's Story

Pave used Pipe side-by-side with equity to preserve ownership while they grew

Pipe for SaaS

AJ Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

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Watch AJ's Story

Verma Farms got the capital they needed to expand their business into new verticals

Pipe for D2C

Zaire Allen


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Watch Zaire's Story

Love Circular 2x’d their revenue and grew their team by using Pipe

Pipe for Services

Customer Stories


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Self-serve or work with a representative—we're here to help with the capital journey that works for you.

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Unlock up-front capital

with your revenue

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Unlock up-front capital
Unlock up-front capital