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Launch embedded capital Grow with your merchants

The modern financial ecosystem is evolving with embedded capital empowering software companies to go beyond processing and serve merchants on a whole new level.

Unbiased Access

Embedded capital is the evolution of financing for SMBs

The #1 struggle consistently reported by SMBs is a lack of access to capital. Some have no access at all, and many more have no way to get capital when and where they need it in a way that works for them.


With embedded capital, Payfacs and ISVs can become indispensable to their SMB merchants as the perfect place to access capital based on their live transaction data. Launching an embedded offer is one of the best ways to grow GPV, reduce churn, and help the small businesses at the heart of our economy thrive.

Unbiased Access

Our partners growing on their terms


Pipe's seamless user experience and activation tools help our partners see engagement and utilization rates well above competitors, while our net promoter scores reflect highly satisfied merchants.




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Thought leadership

Hear from the experts

Embedded finance done right can revolutionize the SMB landscape. Hear fintech and lending experts share how embedded capital is shaping the future of finance and how to do it right.

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Luke Voiles

Luke Voiles

Chief Executive Officer

Should vertical software companies develop in-house embedded financing or partner?

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Ben Goodyear

Ben Goodyear

Chief Financial Officer

How to unlock financial data as a growth tool, no matter your business size

Namrata Ganatra

Namrata Ganatra

Chief Product Officer

Personalization and the Payment Industry

Manpreet Dhot

Manpreet Dhot

Chief Risk Officer

Can Embedded Capital Democratize Credit Access with Unbiased Data?

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Embedded knowledge on embedded finance

Check out more resources below to learn how to launch embedded capital quickly and how you can grow your business by helping your merchants grow theirs.


Tools and Resources

What is Embedded Finance and how does it work?

5 min read

Learn not only the definition of embedded finance but also how it works in real life to help improve financial access and convenience.

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Exploring the benefits of embedded lending

5 min read

Find out how embedded lending can grow your GPV and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

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Innovating at the intersection: ISVs and the future of embedded finance

5 min read

Find out how ISVs can gain a strategic advantage by offering embedded financing and how simple it can be to implement.



Discover Pipe's partnership ecosystem

5 min read

Three ways Payfacs and ISVs can partner with Pipe to quickly launch an embedded capital offering.

Grow Your Business

Transform Payfac ecosystems with embedded capital

5 min read

Find out how embedded capital can help payment facilitators build merchant loyalty, grow GPV, and drive revenue, while managing their risks.


3 steps to embed financing into your product or service

5 min read

If you're looking to scale your business, increase revenue streams, and deepen customer engagement, embedded finance could be the solution.


Tools and Resources

Empowering growth: How Payfacs can leverage embedded lending

5 min read

Here's how embedded lending and other embedded capital offerings can help Payfacs drive growth.

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Download quick, shareable guides to launching embedded capital with Pipe

launch in days

Test the appetite of your merchants and assess the impact of capital on your business. Find out how easily you can test pilot the capital experience for your merchant base.

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Choose your embedded solution

Pipe makes it simple to launch capital your way. From integrating our Embedded UI to building your own user experience with our APIs, we’re here to power the option that works best for you.

Embedded UI Product

With Pipe’s Embedded UI, you can easily integrate a capital offering into your platform. Take advantage of Pipe’s carefully crafted capital product and expertise delivering capital to thousands of businesses, enabling you to unlock conversion from day one.

Payfac as a service

Pipe’s embedded product is designed to give you the flexibility to build a capital product that works for you, your customers, and their merchants. Offer your software customers the ability to launch their own branded capital experience quickly and easily.


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Tom Priore

CEO, Priority

Luke Voiles

CEO, Pipe

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