Raise capital on your terms and increase your valuation

Many companies raise capital when they have an urgent need for cash. Pipe can help remove that urgency and reduce the amount needed in an equity raise by giving a company access to capital through its own existing recurring revenue streams.

Increase ACV, top-line revenue, EBITDA, and cash by limiting discounts:

Instead of discounting pricing to incentivize new customers to pay up front, with Pipe, you can access instant cash without the downside of discounting.

Another plus: On the income statement, the full value of the contract is recognized as revenue. This provides a major benefit above the line in gross margin while costs are booked below the line as an interest expense.

Invest in sales and marketing or new initiatives

With revenue pulled forward through Pipe, companies can close the gap between acquiring customers and earning that revenue back. Companies can reinvest more dynamically into customer acquisition, retention, and even product, while multiplying their annual contract value and revenue.

With Pipe, these new investments can be made without using existing operating cash flows to fund them, enabling companies to continue growth in existing and new strategies while building.

Reduce or avoid dilution

Many companies continuously raise equity to keep operations funded and to scale growth. Pipe can help remove the constant need for equity funding and become an alternative source of non-dilutive capital.

Get direct access to the capital needed to reduce the urgency of future equity rounds to fund predictable growth like sales, marketing, and operations.

Access cash for mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are a strategic and healthy path to growth for many businesses. Through Pipe, a company can be opportunistic by having access to cash within hours and without the extra costs and restrictions of traditional bank products that can drive up the total cost of the deal.

Pipe has none of the borrowing costs or restrictive covenants and can be used as a way to have flexible payback terms. Trading limits on Pipe can be healthy enough to complete an entire purchase and even the target M&A company’s ARR can be used to finance the acquisition.

Why Pipe?

Never take on restrictive debt or dilution again. Companies can now unlock their recurring revenue, on demand.

Let’s get started

Never take on debt or dilution again

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