for COMPANIES with recurring revenue

Grow on your own terms.
Get paid by the year, charge by the

Pipe transforms recurring revenue into upfront capital for growth without debt or dilution.

One click, instant payout

It’s that easy. Convert your recurring revenue streams into instant upfront capital anytime. 

More customers, no disruptions

It’s frictionless. Get paid upfront without discounts.

Loved by industry leaders

Unlock your biggest asset

Pipe makes recurring revenue streams tradable for their annual value, meaning more cash flow for scaling companies. No discounts, no debt, no dilution.

What about churn?

No sweat. Simply swap out churned contracts with active ones, no penalties or fees.

Seamlessly integrated

Pipe works effortlessly with your existing tools.

Syncs with your existing payment tools

Pipe constantly syncs with your contracts in real-time.

Automated monthly statements

Keep your accounting team in the know without lifting a finger.

No extra work for your team

See results in real-time while you focus on growth.

Never take on debt or dilution again

We’ve created a new platform that turns recurring revenues into upfront capital. Connect your systems in minutes to find out how much capital you can access instantly.

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