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For Insurance

Pipe for insurance companies

Customers shopping for insurance need speed, flexibility, competitive rates, and a painless process. When you're financing your insurance company, you need all that too.

Financing without dilution or restrictive debt

Get fast access to the capital you need to grow your insurance business. Whether you want to expand into a new market, build your team, or turn up your marketing, you shouldn't have to sacrifice equity or take out a loan to fund it. Pipe lets you trade recurring revenue for instant up-front capital so you can grow your business.

Keep your cost of capital low

Pipe isn’t a lender, it’s a trading platform. When you trade, institutional investors bid on your recurring revenue streams based on the health of your company, so your cost of capital stays low.

One-click access to funds when you need them

Just sign up, securely connect your accounts, and get access to financing. Once you're connected, you can select any portion of your trading limit and get cash in the bank within 24 hours.

Why Pipe?

Pipe gives you fast, reliable access to the capital you need to grow your insurance business, when you need it—without giving your company away in the process. Never take on restrictive debt or dilution again.