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No lengthy applications or pitch decks. Just fast access to capital with a few clicks.

Securely connect your billing, banking, and accounting tools to Pipe and access capital based solely on the health of your business.


Start by syncing your billing to your dashboard. Securely connecting the tools you use to bring in revenue makes it simple to Pipe that revenue for up-front capital.


A secure read-only bank feed helps Pipe’s algorithm understand your company's burn and runway.

We use integration providers to connect to over 300 banks

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Help us to better understand the financial health of your business—now and over time—through your P&L and balance sheet.

Don't see your software? Don't worry, you can still apply through a manual CSV upload

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We're always working on building new integrations! Let us know which billing, banking, or accounting platform your company uses and we'll see what we can do.

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