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How to unlock your trading limit

Pipe connects securely with popular billing managers, banking partners, and accounting platforms so you can seamlessly manage your account and get access to non-dilutive capital.

By syncing your systems, we're able to assess the health and scope of your business. Once approved, you'll receive a trading limit and bid price—and you can start trading instantly.

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Growing together

As your company grows, so can your trading limit. Bid prices and trading limits can improve over time as you build trading history.

Billing managers

In order to trade, Pipe needs to identify your revenue streams and sync them to your dashboard. You can trade a single revenue stream or bundle multiple together and trade them for a bulk sum payout.


Connecting your bank account helps us establish your trading limit and helps investors bid on your revenue. Since Pipe doesn't require personal guarantees or pull credit reports, syncing your bank account helps us understand your company's burn and runway.

Accounting platforms

Syncing your accounting platform makes it possible for Pipe to better understand the financial health of your business—now and over time—through your P&L and balance sheet.

Unlock your biggest asset

Pipe makes recurring revenue streams tradable for their annual value, meaning more cash flow for scaling companies. No discounts, no restrictive debt, no dilution.

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