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Pipe for M&A

M&A is a path to growth for many businesses. Pipe enables you to make the most of these opportunities by giving you fast access to non-dilutive capital so you never miss out on a potential deal.

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Flexible financing without warrants or restrictive covenants

Pipe turns your recurring revenue into up-front capital without the restrictive covenants of a loan. Get the funds in your hands in days, not months as you leverage your ARR—or the ARR of your target company—to finance the purchase.

Grow your
buyer pool

Looking to get acquired? You can use your recurring revenue to offer financing to buyers or get capital to grow your business for a bigger exit value. Get approved for a Pipe trading limit and make it simple for your buyer to finance the acquisition with your recurring revenue.

Why Pipe?

When the perfect opportunity comes along, don't let financing delays ruin the deal. With Pipe, you get the up-front capital you need, when you need it, without dilution or loans. Grow your business on your terms, rinse, and repeat.

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Never take on restrictive debt or dilution again

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