Product Engineer

At Pipe, we’re building the infrastructure to programatically securitize SaaS revenue streams, unlocking non-dilutive capital for growing companies of all sizes.

As a product engineer, you'll join the team responsible for building core user experiences and tools that delight our customers and power their businesses.

We're a distributed team of ~20 people spread throughout LA, Portland, NYC, Miami, Helsinki, Frankfurt, and SF (7 engineers currently).
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What we’re looking for

  • Design and product thinker: you can improve product designs, and take initiative to do so. Empathizing with how end users interact with your creations is how you approach creating.
  • Ownership mentality: comfort making code changes that span the breadth of the stack to ship features, and ability to work with non-engineering stakeholders to make sure things are done as required.
  • Experience building web applications for 3+ years. Strong frontend web engineering skills: — solid understanding of how to build cutting-edge web applications using Javascript, HTML, CSS with modern tooling.
  • History of shipping: ability to ship products end-to-end in reasonable time frames. Ideally, a track record of working on better products over time.

How we work

We're an incredibly lean team with each member owning a significant portion of the product at any given time. But often, we each end up moving across the stack, into different product areas, and covering various parts of the business (internal and external).

Our stack

Typescript, React, Next.js, GraphQL, Go, Postgres, Hasura

Compensation & benefits

  • Generous compensation: we want you to feel like an owner and that should be reflected in your salary and equity (we grant real stock instead of options).
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance.
  • The best equipment you need to work.
  • Work-life balance: we do our best work when we're balanced.
  • Great colleagues: we value a culture of authenticity, humility, and excellence. We want you to make a footprint on our culture.
  • Flexible vacation and work hours. We don't adopt conventional work practices that are meaningless for the type of work we do.

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