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Pipe vs. Loan

Find out how Pipe stacks up against debt financing.

You need cash to grow, but at what cost?

Traditional loan products may be slower than you need. They can also come with restrictive covenants and warrants that act like a ball and chain on your business.

But what if there was another option?

Trading your recurring revenue on Pipe is not a loan, but it has all the benefits of debt from an accounting perspective. You can get cash right away to scale and grow your company, and take advantage of big opportunities without dilution or restrictive debt.

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When you Borrow:

When you Pipe:

The cost of capital leaves you paying high interest rates.

Pipe is the platform connecting you directly with investors and has no fixed cost of capital like debt providers.

Inflexible repayment schedules impact your cash flow.

Repayment is automatic and seamless.

You deal with a lengthy due diligence process and costly legal fees and wait weeks, months or longer to access your money.

Your data is anonymized to investors on the platform and securely linked. You can have funds within 24 hours of being connected.

Covenants can limit your financial freedom and make you miss out on business opportunities.

There are no restrictive covenants. You’re free to make decisions as you see fit by using the upfront capital to invest into growth.

Warrant coverage can put your ownership interest at risk and is dilutive.

There’s no dilution and you can access capital on a continuous basis to grow your company on your terms.

Never take on debt or dilution again.

We've created a new platform that turns recurring revenues into upfront capital. Connect your systems in minutes to find out how much capital you can access instantly.

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