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Pipe vs. Equity

Equity and Pipe are not mutually exclusive. Learn more how they can work hand-in-hand.

For many founders, equity financing was the clear path to get off the ground. Pre-seed and seed-round funding allows a great idea to become a growing company. In these early days, it's encouraging to connect with angel investors or early-stage VCs who believe in what you're building.

But as your business grows and you're looking to scale, equity may not be the answer. When you have a proven business model that's generating recurring revenue, why dilute your ownership if you don't need to? It's like selling an investment that you know is about to increase in value.

Pipe gives you a new way to finance your growing business while retaining your ownership interests. Pipe's two-sided platform allows you to trade recurring revenue streams for up-front cash when you need it without sacrificing your equity. Pipe is not a loan, but looks like a short-term liability on your balance sheet and is automatically repaid as your recurring revenues come in.

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With Pipe you can...

Stabilize the cash flow of your recurring revenue streams

Trade future revenues for the up-front cash you need to scale or invest in your business

Finance your next big move without dilution

Avoid the negative effects of discounting annual subscriptions and contracts

Stabilize the cash flow of your recurring revenue streams

Never take on debt or dilution again.

We've created a new platform that turns recurring revenues into upfront capital. Connect your systems in minutes to find out how much capital you can access instantly.

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