SaaS companies

You can now unlock recurring revenue on demand while maintaining flexible payment options for customers. Grow your company by letting customers pay when they want while you collect the capital up front.

Speed up revenue to invest in faster growth

Get instant on-demand access to an entire year’s worth of revenue. No more timing gap between the cost of acquiring customers and collecting the revenue they generate.

Boost top-line revenue, EBITDA, and more by limiting discounts

Companies know the benefits of upfront cash, and many offer annual discounts as an incentive. With Pipe, access all those benefits without sacrificing your top-line.

Increase leverage in equity negotiations

Shrink and eliminate the CAC payback period with fast access to an entire year's revenue with Pipe.

Discounting annual contracts can drive down your average contract value (ACV), but with Pipe, there's no need to discount. Get cash when you need it while still recognizing the full contract value on your income statement. By improving these key metrics you will have greater flexibility to grow your company on your terms.

Why Pipe?

Never take on restrictive debt or dilution again. Pipe gives you access to the capital you need when you need it. Stop discounting your contracts and unlock your recurring revenue on demand, with Pipe.

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Never take on debt or dilution again

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