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service businesses

Focus on serving your customers and let Pipe handle your capital needs

From marketing and consulting to professional services—Pipe helps service companies overcome cash flow turbulence with easy access to up-front capital.

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Turn contracts, retainers, invoices, and management fees into up-front capital to hire, upgrade your equipment, or take marketing up a notch. Take on new customers or bid on big contracts with easy access to the capital you need for fulfillment.

Smooth out seasonal spikes and long-term payments

It's easy to invest in growth when business is in season, but when it's slow, count on Pipe. Pipe lets you trade future revenue for instant capital, giving you a cash infusion during slow periods. Smooth out seasonal spikes and keep your momentum going.

Why Pipe?

Don't rely on restrictive debt or unnecessary dilution. With Pipe, you can access the capital you need to keep scaling your service business.

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Never take on restrictive debt or dilution again