Service businesses

Staffing, Recruiting, Accounting, Consulting, Property Management, & Marketing Agencies: Pipe helps you overcome rising salary costs, decreasing revenues, and shrinking margins with easy access to upfront capital.

Grow your business on your terms

Access cash upfront from contracts, management fees, or retainers. Use the capital for hiring and training without impacting your current customers. Or you can invest it back into marketing and sales, leading to more growth with no need to take on restrictive debt.

Smooth out cash flow from seasonal revenue streams or long-term payments

It’s easy to invest in growth when business is in season, but when it’s slow, count on Pipe. Pipe can help smooth cash flow with a capital infusion during low-cash periods to keep you going. Your service business can use recurring customer revenue to balance out seasonal spikes.

Why Pipe?

Never take on restrictive debt or dilution again. With Pipe, you can access the capital you need to keep your service business going strong all year.

Let’s get started

Never take on debt or dilution again

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