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Want to know how your business can beat the downturn?

Download our free data-driven ebook. Pipe has teamed up with Spendesk to bring you The CFO Playbook: 4 key strategies to beat the economic downturn.

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Pipe + Spendesk E-Book CFO Playbook


Keep your businesshealthy in any economy

This useful guide is packed full of actionable tips to help your business during times of economic uncertainty. Inside you'll discover…

  • How growth, cash flow, and profitability interact in a down economy

  • Why forecasting is crucial when the economy changes
  • How to improve operational efficiency to remain profitable
  • Where to consider cutting spend to streamline your expenses

Meet Founders Using Pipe

Join thousands of business ownersgrowing on their terms

Pave was able to access capital to invest directly into marketing. And rather than slowing themselves down by reaching out to investors for funding, they got that capital instantly and were free to focus on running the company.

“There's lots of hype around large and increasingly larger venture-backed raises… we haven't raised as much of those types of headlines because, frankly, we haven't had the need. It's important not to get distracted by those mega rounds, because that's not necessarily success.”

- Pave co-founder and CEO Sho Sugihara

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Sho Sugihara

Co-Founder & CEO

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Pave used Pipe side-by-side with equity to preserve ownership while they grew

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