Pipe Embedded Capital Series

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December 13th, 2023

5-6 pm

Should you partner with Fintech to offer financial services?

With Luke Voiles & Todd Ablowitz

  • Find out how embedded capital can impact your business
  • Get real-world insights from industry experts
  • See the pros and cons of building in-house vs partnering with Fintech
  • Discover what launching an embedded capital product looks like

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Learn about what's next in embedded finance

In this webinar, we'll dive into the changing landscape to discover how ISVs are redefining their roles and offering much more than software services. We'll discuss the role of industry-specific software, the opportunities and challenges of building financial products, and the role of fintech in embedded finance.

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Meet the speakers

Luke Voiles Webinar Image
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Luke Voiles

CEO at Pipe

Luke has nearly two decades of leadership experience growing technology businesses within innovative industry leaders, including Square Banking at Block (formerly Square), Intuit's small business lending unit, QuickBooks Capital, and as a distressed asset and credit special situations investor at Sixth Street Partners (TPG) and Lone Star Funds.

Todd Ablowitz Webinar Image
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Todd Ablowitz

Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Infinicept

A recognized authority in payment technology with over two decades in the industry, Todd founded Double Diamond Consulting in 2008, aiding top brands and tech innovators in overcoming critical business challenges. In 2014, Todd co-founded Infinicept to provide tools enabling companies to own their payment processes. He's a former ETA Board Member and Member of the Year, currently serving on ETA's Presidential Advisory Council.

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Embedded finance is the next step in the evolution of PayFacs and ISVs. Join us live to find out what's new in embedded finance and the best way to launch an offering to your merchants quickly.

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