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The modern capital platform. Allowing you to grow on your terms.

Pipe transforms future revenue streams into up-front growth capital for your business.

Invest in growth

No lengthy fundraising

Fast, frictionless financing

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Case Studies

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Sho Sugihara

Co-Founder & CEO

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Watch Sho's Story

Pave used Pipe side-by-side with equity to preserve ownership while they grew

Pipe for SaaS

AJ Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

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Watch AJ's Story

Verma Farms got the capital they needed to expand their business into new verticals

Pipe for D2C

Zaire Allen


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Watch Zaire's Story

Love Circular 2x’d their revenue and grew their team by using Pipe

Pipe for Services

Customer Stories


Working capital that works for you

Now you can access capital when you need it the most. Pipe is built with small and mid-sized businesses in mind.

Working Capital from Pipe


Seamlessly integratedwith all your tools

Pipe works by securely connecting with the tools you already use to run your business.

  • Access real-time financing with live data connections

  • Sync billing, banking, and accounting in just a few clicks
  • Bank-level security and SOC2 certified


Built to scaleas your business grows


Access instant financing

Convert your revenue into working capital with a few clicks


Operate with ease

Financing on autopilot so you can focus on running your business


Scale your business flexibly

Leverage our API to create unique capital offerings for your customers


Join our team to help businesses grow


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