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Helping businesses build something bigger

Whether you're planning for tomorrow or budgeting for today, Pipe connects you with the working capital you need to run your business on your terms.

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business owners operating on their terms
business owners operating on their terms
business owners operating on their terms
business owners operating on their terms

20k+ users have signed up to grow on their terms

Revenue charted with sales numbers
business owners operating on their terms
business owners operating on their terms
business owners operating on their terms
business owners operating on their terms

Our customers

Join the customers who've already used Pipe to fund their business

  • "We've gone from having zero money and not knowing how we're going to be able to pay commissions to being able to have the financial freedom to grow the company however we want on our own terms."

    Eric Campbell


    Brooks Pest Control
  • Zaire Allen

    "It's a sigh of relief and a comfort knowing that we are able to maneuver through the financial obstacles that come our way."

    Zaire Allen

    Chief of Vibes

    Love Circular
  • "It's like Pipe is our faceless funding partner that's there, that's reliable, that we can call on anytime we need it. It's there in a jam, and it's there when we need to grow."

    Paul DeJoe

    Co-Founder & COO

  • "One of the most stressful parts about running an organization—and the least fun—is fundraising. Fundraising is a distraction ultimately from running the business and doing the thing all entrepreneurs love doing best.

    The best part about Pipe is the accessibility. When you're running a business, when you're starting a business, when you're building? That speed and simplicity is everything."

    Andrew Collins

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • "I think Pipe is a game-changer in the funding space and allows entrepreneurs to access tools that we've never had before. For us right now, we're focused on growing the brand and, ideally, making an impact going forward. Since using Pipe, we've grown a high percentage month over month."

    AJ Agrawal


    Verma Media
  • “You don't want to be spending time fundraising, you want to be building your company.

    So when you've been grinding away for months on fundraising, and you hear that it can be done in 24 hours…it comes as a huge relief.”

    Sho Sugihara

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • "When you find channels that work, and you can Pipe that revenue, and you're not giving away any equity, which is the most expensive thing that you have as a founder? Pipe's been incredible for helping us keep control of our own destiny. We're able to think in years and not months because of Pipe"

    Mike Preuss

    Co-Founder & CEO


Fast access

Unlock capital in a few easy steps…



Unlock capital in a few easy steps. Just click, connect, and get back to work. It's that simple.



Same business day funding.* Don't put your business on hold while you wait for funding. Once approved, advances are funded the same business day.



Payments flex with your sales. Flexible payments protect your cash flow when things are slow and pay your balance down when sales are up.



No hidden costs. One flat fee so you always know where you stand.

* Payout timing dependent on your bank's policies.

Simple and seamless

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Flexes with you

Simple, fair payment

When you Pipe your revenue, the payment is simple, transparent, and aligned with your cash flow.

Fair payments

Pay back a fixed percentage

Payments shrink in slow periods

Based on a percentage of sales

No surprises

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Fair payments


Discover tools and insights to help you run, finance, and grow your business

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