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Pipe, “NASDAQ for revenue,” reaches $2B valuation with $250M investment

Pipe, a company that has built a trading platform for recurring revenues, has secured $250 million in strategic equity funding, reaching a $2 billion valuation after publicly launching less than a year ago.

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Pipe Pulls In $250M Equity Round For $2B Valuation, Lays Foundation for Expansion

The subscription financing platform enables companies to turn their monthly or quarterly subscriptions into upfront cash flow.

Pipe to move into securitisation as it hits $2bn valuation

US platform says it is expanding beyond tech companies into other sectors.

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More funding flows into Pipe, as buzzy fintech raises $250M at a $2B valuation

At the end of March, TechCrunch reported that buzzy startup Pipe — which aims to be the “Nasdaq for revenue” — had raised $150 million in a round of funding that values the fintech at $2 billion.

This Pipe-ing hot startup just raised $50M to be the ‘Nasdaq for revenue’ – TechCrunch

A little over one year ago, Pipe raised a $6 million seed round led by Craft Ventures to help it pursue its mission of giving SaaS companies a funding alternative outside of equity or venture debt.

The 'Nasdaq' for trading recurring revenue gets backed by Benioff, Palihapitiya, Shopify

Pipe Technologies, the one-year-old platform for companies to trade monthly recurring revenue for upfront annual revenue from yield-seeking buy-side investors, announced a strategic financing round on Tuesday consisting of a who's who of individuals and companies to fuel the company's global expansion.

Pipe, a venue for companies to get cash up front for their subscription revenue, just raised $50 million from high-profile investors like Chamath Palihapitiya and Marc Benioff

Pipe has brought on a laundry list of high-profile investors, including Shopify, Slack, and Michael Dell's investment firm MSD Capital.

‘The Nasdaq For Revenue’ Startup Pipe Pulls In $50M Equity Round

Pipe, creator of a first trading platform for recurring revenue streams, brought in $50 million in strategic equity funding to expand.

Pipe raises $50 million to unlock revenue as an asset class

Investor line-up includes Next47, Raptor Group, Shopify, Slack, HubSpot, Chamath Palihapitiya, Marc Benioff, Alexis Ohanian and Joe Lonsdale

It's Not Debt, It's Better: an Interview with Harry Hurst of Pipe

Up until now, founders have only two things to sell as they raise capital to fund their business: they can sell equity, and take expensive dilution, or they can sell debt, and take on covenants and other handcuffs. Pipe creates a new asset class to sell: the software subscription.

WSJ: New Money

Pipe Technologies Inc., a financing platform for software-as-a-service companies, added $60 million in equity and asset financing as an extension to its seed round. Fin VC led the funding, which included new investors Tribe Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures and Anthemis, along with existing backers Craft Ventures, Fika Ventures and MaC Ventures. Pipe also appointed Michal Cieplinski as chief operating officer and chief legal officer. He was previously at LendingClub and Fundbox.

Pipe Brings In $60M Seed Extension To Power SaaS Financing Platform

SaaS subscriptions are a highly predictable source of recurring revenue, and Pipe helps SaaS companies turn their monthly or quarterly subscriptions into upfront cash flow, Hurst said. Its goal is to offer SaaS companies a way to grow without diluting their current cap table.

Platform offers new way to finance SaaS companies — without the equity dilution

To make this a reality Hurst, and co-founders Josh Mangel and Zain Allarakhia founded Pipe Technologies in 2019, and in February launched a platform where SaaS founders could sell quarterly or annual subscriptions to bankers looking for alternative high yield investments.

Wielding SaaS’s Revenue Predictability For Faster Financing

Speaking with PYMNTS, Hurst, explored the opportunity for FinTech to step in and connect SaaS companies to financing by treating their subscription contracts as an asset class that can be bought and sold — a strategy, he noted, that brings the value of cash flow predictability to financiers.

Pipe, A Financing Platform For SaaS Companies, Raises $6M Seed

Pipe has raised $6 million in seed funding led by Craft Ventures. Their goal is to offer SaaS companies a way to grow without diluting their current cap table.

Pipe, A B2B SaaS Financing Platform, Raises $6M From Craft Ventures To Help Growing Startups Avoid Dilution

Founders of rapidly-scaling software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups must always consider how they will finance their growth.

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