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Grow on your terms

The modern capital platform For growth on your terms

Unlock Capital
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We're eliminating the friction and bias of traditional financing, connecting business builders to quick, easy capital, and helping small to mid-size businesses build something bigger.

  • Click, connect, and unlock capital

  • One flat fee, paid over time

  • Automatic payments that flex with sales

  • Frictionless payouts in just days

Unlock Capital

Working capital that just works

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For Partners

Pipe lets you offer frictionless embedded financing for business owners on your platform.

Launch an embedded capital offering and go to market fast
Drive value, improve retention, and deepen customer relationships
Grow your revenue and GPV by helping your merchants grow
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For Entrepreneurs

Pipe is a fast, easy way for entrepreneurs to access capital without the frustration of traditional financing.

No lengthy application process
Offers based purely on the health of your revenue
Simple, fair payments that sync with your sales
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Unbiased Access

The evolution of small business capital


Pipe has helped over 23,000 business owners connect to unbiased capital based purely on secure live data on the health of their business.


Now we've made capital accessible to even more companies, directly through and embedded in the software platforms they use every day to run their businesses.

Our Mission

Flexible Funding

Helping business owners grow on their terms

Fast & Frictionless

Connecting you with capital without the friction, frustration, and hurdles

Building a business is hard work, and accessing funds shouldn't make it harder.

We connect you with the capital you need in just a few clicks, so you can stay laser-focused on growing your business and serving your customers.

Unbiased Capital

Access to capital for entrepreneurs, based on what you've built

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Get capital based entirely on the health of your business, not who you know.

Pipe's underwriting is based on your secure live revenue data, so you get the financing you truly deserve.

Here when you need it

Advance your revenue and advance your business

Don't let bad timing hold you back from your company's full potential. Pipe lets you access capital exactly when you need it, so you never have to miss another big opportunity.


Don't give up control to grow your business

You shouldn't have to give away equity to scale your company. Turn your revenue into up-front capital with no personal warrants or covenants and zero dilution, so you can keep building.


Don't take it from us

20k+ users have signed up to grow on their terms


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