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Pipe & Priority: Pioneering a new frontier in business funding

With Pipe's embedded solution, Priority Capital is bringing simplified capital access to Priority merchants.

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By Pipe 10 Min Read — April 16, 2024

Priority is a leading payments and banking solutions provider that helps businesses take and make payments and monetize payment networks.

They’re on a mission to simplify how businesses handle their finances. They also recognize how critical capital access is to the health and survival of small businesses. “We call it unified commerce, where payments, banking, and payables are all connected on a single platform. A big part of that is giving businesses access to capital when they need it,” said Thomas Priore, Chairman and CEO of Priority.

We call it unified commerce, where payments, banking, and payables are all connected on a single platform. A big part of that is giving businesses access to capital when they need it.

Tom Priore

CEO, Priority

To make that quick, flexible capital access a reality, they launched Priority Capital, powered by Pipe. After a successful pilot test, Priority implemented a full embedded UI integration within 7 days to power Priority Capital inside their payments ecosystem. This integration offers Priority businesses a straightforward, user-friendly path to obtaining the capital they need to grow, without the hassle of credit checks, high rates, or opaque terms.

“Our mission is to change how any size company manages their money, and offering our customers access to funding through Pipe is a seamless and powerful extension of that mission that will change how they conduct business. I am excited to work with Pipe to unlock growth for every entrepreneur who wants to build a great business," said Priore.

“Our mission is to change how any size company manages their money”

Simplified capital access: how it works

For businesses that use Priority, accessing capital has never been simpler. Pipe’s streamlined process allows merchants to get pre-approved based on their Priority transaction data, enabling them to request and receive funding in just a few steps directly through the MX™ Merchant dashboard. This approach not only democratizes access to capital but also aligns payment with the merchant's sales cycles, providing a truly flexible funding solution.

Priority businesses can now benefit from:

  • Friendly Capital: We offer competitive costs of capital, presenting an attractive alternative to other higher-rate funding options.

  • Same Business Day Funding: Qualifying businesses can receive funds within hours after approval, subject to their bank's deposit hold policies.

  • Flexible Payments: Payments are a percentage of revenue, ensuring they adjust to the business's sales cycles.

  • Transparent Pricing: One straightforward fee, paid over time, with no hidden costs, interest, or requirement for personal collateral.

Expanding opportunities: launch your own capital offering

Pipe's vision extends beyond our collaboration with Priority. We're on a mission to empower platforms and their merchants with embedded capital solutions that are as flexible as they are accessible. Our infrastructure is designed to meet you where you are, offering seamless capital access to your merchants with just a few clicks, all while feeling native to your platform.

Partner with Pipe

For platforms looking to enhance their offerings and for businesses in search of growth capital, the partnership between Pipe and Priority serves as a model for what's possible when technology and finance converge to support SMBs. Ready to unlock growth for your business through flexible funding? Schedule a demo with us today. 

Schedule a Demo

"MX™" and "MX™ Merchant" are trademarks and service marks of Priority Technology Holdings, LLC, which disclaims any affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement of any kind with any other entity using MX™ or any variation thereof in connection with bank card, credit card, or transaction technology, processing services and merchants services.

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