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Three ways Payfacs and ISVs can partner with Pipe to quickly launch an embedded capital offering.

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By Pipe 5 Min Read — April 13, 2024

In the fast-paced fintech landscape, strategic partnerships are crucial for fostering innovation and accelerating growth. With a focus on embedded capital, Pipe distinguishes itself by offering a spectrum of partnership models, each designed to cater to the varying needs of its partners and their end-users. These models range from referral partnerships to deep integrations, illustrating Pipe's commitment to flexibility and mutual growth.

The Referral Partnership Model

At the foundation of Pipe's partnership strategy lies the referral model. This approach is built on simplicity and accessibility, allowing partners to refer their clients to Pipe's capital solutions. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement where partners can enhance their service offerings without the need for direct integration. For businesses looking for quick and straightforward ways to provide additional value to their customers, the referral model offers an entry point into the world of embedded finance.

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Pipe Hosted Approach with One Data API Integration

Moving a step further, Pipe offers a hosted approach through a single data API integration. This model is designed for partners seeking a balance between ease of implementation and a seamless user experience. By leveraging pre-approved offers based on the partner's merchants’ data, this approach allows for a more personalized and streamlined service directly within Pipe's platform. It's an efficient way to offer embedded capital solutions without full integration.

Deeper Integration through SDK and API

For partners aiming for the pinnacle of seamless integration, Pipe offers a comprehensive solution through deeper integration via SDKs and APIs. This model is tailored for platforms that prioritize a native experience for their users, embedding Pipe's capital offerings directly into the partner's ecosystem. It transforms the way capital is accessed, making it an integral part of the partner platform's workflow. This deep integration ensures that the end-users benefit from a frictionless experience, accessing capital as if it were a native feature of the platform they’re already using. While the technical demands of a full integration are a bit higher, our expert Product and Engineering team offers support every step of the way.

The Impact of Strategic Collaborations

Through these strategic collaborations, Pipe not only improves financial access for small businesses but also enriches the ecosystems of its partners. For instance, a software platform for SMBs can integrate Pipe's embedded capital solutions to offer their users instant access to working capital without leaving the platform. This not only enhances the platform's value proposition but also supports the growth and sustainability of the businesses it serves.

Building Success Together: Pipe's Partnership-First Approach

Implementing these partnership models requires aligning strategic goals and managing technical integrations. However, Pipe's commitment to flexibility, combined with our technical support, ensures that these challenges are navigated successfully.

Pipe distinguishes itself from traditional funding sources by prioritizing a partnership-first approach rather than merely facilitating transactions. Unlike conventional lenders that may impose rigid terms and focus solely on profitability, Pipe collaborates closely with businesses to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. This collaborative approach ensures the capital solutions provided aren’t just tools for immediate needs but are part of a strategic framework designed to support long-term growth and success.


Whether through simple referrals, hosted solutions, or deep integrations, Pipe offers a capital funding model that caters to the unique needs of our partners. This flexibility not only fosters growth and innovation but also ensures that end-users have seamless access to the financial services they need. As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, we hope our collaborative model serves as a blueprint for how strategic partnerships can unlock new possibilities and drive the industry forward.

Interested to learn more? Watch the full conversation between Luke Voiles (CEO of Pipe) and Tom Priore (CEO of Priority) here.

Disclaimer: Pipe and its affiliates don't provide financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice. What you're reading has been prepared for knowledge-sharing and informational purposes only. Please consult your financial and legal advisors to determine what transactions and decisions are right for you and your business.

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