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Understanding Pipe's Offer Calculation Process

At Pipe, we prioritize simplicity and transparency. By connecting a few pieces of your financial data, we can determine how much capital you're eligible for while keeping your personal and business information protected.

Analyzing business health: Rather than just a snapshot, we take a holistic view of your company using your revenue and bank data. Our algorithm reviews the overall health of your business, considers your historical performance, and even factors in projections of your future revenue.

Initial offer details: Once the data is analyzed, you get a clear picture of the capital you're eligible for. Simply connect your revenue and bank data, and our system will quickly generate your initial offer details.

No credit checks: We don't rely on credit checks. Instead, your live business data paints a real-time picture of your company's health.

Dynamic offers: As your business evolves, so do our offers. This means as you achieve milestones, grow your revenue, or expand your operations, Pipe's offers will reflect your company's upward trajectory.

With Pipe, it's not about fitting into predefined brackets. It's about understanding your unique business journey and providing the capital you need at every stage of growth.

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