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Join the waitlist for early access to embedded capital with Infinicept

Expand your business offering and grow revenue by giving your customers seamless capital access.

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  • Offer your customers the power of fast, flexible funding

  • Unlock new revenue through embedded capital with Infinicept and Pipe

Why Infinicept & Pipe

Why choose embedded capital?

Unlock growth: Elevate your merchants and your platform.

  • Empower your merchants and provide them with the tools for growth.
  • Easy access to capital means enhanced business prospects for them and increased loyalty to your platform.
  • Add a new revenue stream to grow your GPV without building a new product.

Fast & Frictionless

Easy for you and your merchants

Give your merchants seamless capital access in just a few clicks - all without ever leaving your platform.

Unbiased Capital

Proven Expertise

Infinicept has partnered with Pipe to bring you a wealth of capital experience, ensuring you can convert opportunities from day one.

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Book a session with one of our dedicated experts to discover the unique benefits this integration offers your business.

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This waitlist is exclusively for payment processors on Infinicept's platform.

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