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Pipe + Xero Grow your business on your terms

Accurate numbers help you run your business: now they can help you finance it too. Make the most of your accounting data by leveraging it to access dilution-free capital.

Xero integration

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Securely connecting your Xero account allows Pipe to assess your business's financial health with no need for manual uploads.

Your information updates in real time, so your trading limit and bids can grow alongside your business. Trade as much or as little of your limit as you want.

Xero integration

Modern liquidity platform

Unlock your biggest assets. Learn how our trading platform works.

Pipe uses secure live data connections to your banking, billing, and accounting software to turn your future revenue into a tradable asset.

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Revenue types

Whether you have subscriptions, receivables, royalties, or management fees, Pipe gives you the tools to turn your repeat revenue into the up-front capital you need.


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Pipe is now a Xero

connected app

What does that mean? We've created a streamlined integration to give eligible Xero users seamless access to up-front capital. By enabling writebacks in Xero, your Pipe trades can also be automatically added to your books.

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Xero integration

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Sho Sugihara

Co-Founder & CEO

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Watch Sho's Story

Pave used Pipe side-by-side with equity to preserve ownership while they grew

Pipe for SaaS

AJ Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

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Watch AJ's Story

Verma Farms got the funding they needed to complete an acquisition in less than 72 hours

Pipe for D2C

Zaire Allen


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Watch Zaire's Story

Love Circular 2x’d their revenue and grew their team after each Pipe trade

Pipe for Services

Customer Stories


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Connect and trade or work with a representative—we're here to help with the capital journey that works for you.

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