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Understanding Pipe's Continuous Evaluation

Pipe is continuously evaluating your company for capital offers based on your live revenue and banking data, so that as soon as you qualify for capital you receive an offer.

Your business's live data provides a real-time look at the health of your business and ensures you get fast access to capital as soon as you're eligible. We'll notify you as soon as you have an offer available.

At Pipe, we understand that your business is dynamic, with ever-changing financial metrics and growth patterns. That's why we're continuously evaluating your company's readiness for capital offers through live revenue and banking data. Even if you're not eligible today, our system is designed to recognize the moment you qualify.

You can also connect additional business accounts to help give a clearer picture of your company's performance. By leveraging your business's live data, we can provide an immediate and up-to-date snapshot of your company's health. The instant you become eligible, we'll ensure that you have quick access to the capital you need to drive growth.

Remember, eligibility can change based on various factors such as increased sales, improved cash flow, or consistent revenue growth. So, even if today isn't the day, tomorrow could be.

As soon as you have a capital offer available, you'll be the first to know. We're committed to supporting your business's journey, every step of the way.

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